Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademy@Haydnpress Many thanks @Haydnpress great to see lots of photos of over the years!5 days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyRT @Haydnpress: Great photos here if you went or go to Canon Lee School @ValeYorkAcademy in #York. Enjoy! days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyThinking of doing your DofE award! Well look no further - year 10 and 11 students will be offered bronze and silver in September and year 12 (those just leaving us who have done their silver) will be offered Gold. Don’t miss out - See Mr Rampling! #topaward #DofE days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyAny student who has lost or needs to replace their PE kits for September please get these from Keel. Students should have school branded tshirt, shorts/skort, black socks, trainers for every PE lesson. Those in year 9,10,11 may have canon lee kit as it phases out over the years. days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyYear 7 students starting in September who have paid their deposits before the summer are off to lakeside YMCA from weds 12th - Fri 14th September for their settling in residential! First week back more details to follow but check out the website 😀 #YMCA days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyYear 8 students going in to year 9 in September. Please remember you will need to purchase the black slip over and red and black tie for September as you start KS4. Please ensure you have these over the summer from Keal teamwear! days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyA year from now our year 10 & 11 students will be back from Morocco 🇲🇦 15 students are working relentlessly to raise their £1800 to go - please support where you can! Year 8 & 9 students watch out this year for the launch of your oversees opportunity for 2021! 👍 days ago
Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyRT @KarenGarnett4: Amazing all of you and the teachers and staff at VOYA! So very well done! We are so proud of you! 💛…3 weeks ago
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Vale of York Academy @ValeYorkAcademyDay 4 Gold - FANTASTIC!! These 10 vale of york academy leavers completed their Dofe Gold assessment ! They were tip top and showed amazing resilience, motivation & enthusiasm! I am hugely proud of them and can’t wait for them to receive their awards at the palace! Now to rest 👍 weeks ago
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Vale of York Academy
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Vale of York Academy
Vale of York Academy
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It is essential that we ensure that all students adhere to the uniform standards set by the school. We would like to remind parents/carers of our uniform standards prior to you purchasing uniform.

The school only has one uniform supplier: Kealteamwear, their shop is on Walmgate, alternatively you can purchase uniform online at Keal Uniform.

We are proud of our uniform which helps to create a purposeful atmosphere. We expect all students to wear the correct uniform at all times. We encourage students to take responsibility for ensuring they come to school dressed in a tidy and neat manner.

Hair colour and style must be appropriate and of an acceptable standard for school. Students should check with their Progress Leader if in doubt. Extreme hair colour and styles will not be permitted.

For safety reasons, students may only wear one stud earring in each ear no other jewellery may be worn and other body piercings will not be allowed. We also request that no child uses nail varnish or has false nails that are coloured and that no make up is worn.

Black Trousers or Kilt
White shirt or blouse
Slip over (branded)
Tie (optional with kilt)
Blazer (branded)
Black tights or black, grey or white socks
Leather/leather look shoes
Plain, low heeled boots with trousers (in winter only)

Black skirts
Make up
Any other jewellery (apart from one pair studs)
Nail varnish
Pumps, trainers or canvas shoes including VANS or other brands
Boots with the kilt

PE Kit
See the Keal Team-wear site using the link above

There are no exceptions to the rules above except for those who have proven medical requirements.


School Uniform: Boys/Girls
  • Plain white shirt with collar and school tie (the shirt should be buttoned to the collar and the tie knotted to the shirt collar and of a reasonable length).
  • Black school blazer with burgundy piping and school badge (if students still have the old blazer they can wear that only until it needs replacing).
  •  Black tailored trousers (denim/cord material is not acceptable or skinny style, the trouser should be able to fit over the shoe)
  • For girls – kilt
  • Slipover – KS3 Grey with crest, KS4 Black with crest
  • Socks – black, white or grey only.
  • Plain black flat shoes (trainers/canvas are not permitted). Black leather (look) formal boots without a heel and must fit under trousers are permitted between 1 November until 1 March.

It is important that uniform is worn correctly. Outdoor coats should be removed at the door. Blazers must be worn on corridors at all times. Shirts should be tucked in and ties should be knotted up to the neck.

NB. Hoodies are not permitted.