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Curriculum aim

The Science department aims to provide students with the skills necessary to develop their own understanding of a 21st Century world. We are preparing students for jobs that have not been created yet but still require the skills and techniques used throughout their science lessons. We want students to enjoy discovering the hows and the whys so that they develop an enthusiasm for learning and ask their own questions about the world around them.

Key Stage 3 curriculum overview

In KS3 all students will cover biology, chemistry and physics. Each term they will cover a topic in each discipline and also improve their working scientifically skills.

The topics covered are as follows:

Year 7 term 1Living systemsParticle theoryForces
Year 7 term 2Reproduction and growthAtoms, elements and compoundsElectricity and electromagnetism
Year 7 term 3EcosystemsAcids and alkalisSpace
Year 8 term 1Photosynthesis and respirationReactionsEnergy
Year 8 term 2Genetics and evolutionMaterials and everyday chemistryWaves
Year 8 term 3Diet and healthEarth and atmosphereLevels, moments and pressure

At the end of each term they will sit a synoptic paper on all three topics as well as being assessed on their laboratory skills. They are examined on subject content at the end of Year 7 and on both subject content and working scientifically in Year 8.

At KS4 students will start to study for their Combined Science GCSE, unless they have chosen Separate Science as an option. Combined Science provides them with two GCSE grades that will show their understanding of investigative processes as well as their knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry and physics.

Separate Science will cover all the same material as Combined Science plus extra content to deepen student understanding. This is more appropriate for students that are interested in going on to student Science A-Levels.

GCSE Combined Science

Students following the core curriculum in Science at KS4 study Biology, Physics and Chemistry and are following the AQA Combined Science trilogy course. Further details can be found on the AQA website.

The students are taught on rotation so that they receive subject specialist delivery. They will cover the content for Paper 1 in each of the three disciplines in Year 9 and Paper 2 in Year 10. This leaves Year 11 for recap and consolidation. Throughout the three years they will complete a wide variety of practical work, include all the required practicals that are now included in the exam papers. They sit six exam papers in the summer of Year 11.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Separate sciences are available for students choseing their options in Year 8. Further details can be found in the options booklet and on the AQA website.

They will be taught by a subject specialist, in their option time, over each of the three years. The curriculum has been mapped out to complement the work they will complete in their core lessons.

Supporting your child with their Science studies

Students may find the following revision websites helpful:



BBC Education

There is also a Year 11 Google classroom set up with resources available to support students preparing for their GCSE examinations. Further details may be obtained from your child’s class teacher.


Keep in touch
Subject Lead for Science is Ms Pickering who can be contacted by email atΒ


School will be open next Thursday for GCSE results day from 9am! One more week and the wait is over! #fingerscrossed